the choice of a the gantt model

How can i choose a specific model , after downloading i have a simple model how can I choose THiS ONE … trap.html# help Me plz :smiley:

sorry, but can you please clarify what exactly do you mean by model here, and what result do you want to achieve?
Are you talking about different appearence of tasks (green projects, blue subtasks, pink milestones) or a general page layout which is done using bootstrap?

Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse
oui je parle des différentes couleurs et de pouvoir choisir les catégories et d’apparaître les mois au-dessus des jours et afficher la date d’aujourd’hui
comment donc récupérer une interface comme les existantes dans les démo et les exemples car la version téléchargée est la plus simple

I hope that I made it clear
Thank you very much for your answer
yes I speak about different colors and can I choose the categories and appear months at over days and display today’s date
how then retrieve an interface as existing in the demo and examples because the downloaded version is the simplest (bleu cant choose categories etc … )