The columns separation lines of DhtmlxGrid are not appearing


The problem is specific to Internet Explorer only. The column separation lines of the dhtmlxgrid gets disappeared when mouse is hovered over any row and do not appear thereafter until you refresh the page. The same grid is working fine in Firefox and Chrome.

Also the white coloured (odd) rows are not getting activated upon selecting them. They get activated only when you click on some text in that row. Seems as if it is not responding to the background colour of that row. If we specifically define background colour as ffffff, it works fine. This issue is also specific to Internet Explorer.

Kindly have a look into the above issues.

What version of dhtmlxGrid are u using? Can you provide complete demo where we can reproduce it?

I am working on the dhtmlx pro v 3.0.

Please open ticket at and provide us complete demo where we can reproduce this issue