The combo pull down does not get close with window close

Hi All,

I have created a Windows, and inside it I attached a Grid object. Some column of the Gird object I set to coro and I give some options to the combo box.

When I select the column with coro and the combo box drop down appears. It works fine now, but when I close the Windows now, the drop down are still here and I have no way to close it unless refresh the whole screen. Any help or fix for that? Many thanks


probably you are not using attachGrid to initialize grid. Such a problem may occur if you have attached html container into a window and initialized the grid in this object. In this case, the window does not “know” about the grid and doesn’t call destructor() method for the grid when closes.

To solve the problem you may either initialize grid using attachGrid() method:

dhtmlxWindows/samples/08_components/02_grid.html - the sample

or call desctuctor() manually on window onClose:

return true;

Hi Sir,

In fact I am using the attachGrid method to create the grid inside the window, and i think this is the easiest way as i no need to concern the grid size.

So I would try your second suggestion and see if this help to solve the problem. Many thanks.


if the grid is initialized by attachGrid method, destructor() method is called automatically. Do you use the latest version (2.6)?