The combobox in the grid problem

Hi Knowledge Base Team,

I am using dhtmlgrid version 2.0, I am using the grid with extjs layout framework.

my problem is that , my page contains a vertical scroll and I makes the grid inside a accordian - div which shows after we scroll upside . My grid loads perfectly but when I clicked the combo section the combo information are misplaced . when I do the same in IE 7 , IE 6 its works well. Still the combo information moves with scrolling. In Firefox 3.0 its breaking my extjs layout .

When i tried with same code and brought the grid top side of the page , its working in firefox and IE.

My guess is that the combo contents always stayed its initial position , its doesn’t move with grid at the time of scrolling.

Please give me a solution .

Thanks in advance


regarding the 1st issue “combo list position”. The possible reason for it is specific page layout or styles of the outer container that can not be calculated by combo.

In this case you modify html getPosition method and set the necessary top and/or left offset.

Please, locate line in the dhtmlxcombo.js

return new Array(iLeft,iTop);

and correct iLeft and iTop variables (left and top position correspondingly)

The second issue - scrolling. The combo list isn’t moved when page is scrolled. But it should close, when you click somewhere on the page… If there are some issues with the closing, you can call combo.closeAll() method from the necessary event handler.