The drag html content contains some input and textarea

i happened some problems and dont find a resolution,one question i draged the html content between the dataviews ,the html content contains some input and textarea ,when i click the input or testarea,there will display the content again ,so i use the data.attachEvent(“onItemClick”, function (id, ev, html){
return false;
}); this method ,but i think its not good enough ,i hope to get a good idea about this question ,the question is click a dataview with the input type or textarea ,there will pop the content again

another question is the drag content with the input type or textarea ,when i input some values on the input text or the textarea ,then when we drag a nother html content to the dataview again ,then all the values are become to the orignal one ,not the one i input before ,i am not sure why,can you give me the help ,i am very thanks for you ! this part is so frustrate to me !

During different actions dataview can repaint the visible items, which may lead to any customization which not reflected in the data model. If you have input in the dataiview’s item, its value is not saved anywhere and will be lost during re-painting.

You may add some kind of onblur for the input, and from blur - save the text in some property of item object, which can be reused in template. In such case value will be saved each time, when focus moved out, and if by some action, action will be repainted - that value can be applied back.

thanks for yours answer ,i will keep working on this part to make sure if i can change some codes to make it come true ! to tell the truth i dont want to save the datas anytime with the onblur or ajax method or any other method ,but thanks very much also !