the interworking of layout and Accordion


i used the Layout"3L" and put 3 accordions in the left side. i have seen this page : . so i knew how used frame in the accordions. now i want to make a binding to the right side.

it means: there 3 trees in the left side, each accordion has one. i click a node of the tree, its information should be display on the right side. e.g in a grid.

as usual with html or javascript i need only the name of frames, then i can make this binding. how can i do that with layout and accordion?

If you can kindly post an example here, that would be very helpful, and highly appreciated :slight_smile:

best wishes



The iframe is available by the following property:

var frame = dhxLayout.cells(“a”)._frame;

the window in this case is:

win = frame.contentWindow;