The method setOnEditHandler on dhtmlXTree

i want to rename a node on the doubleclick event.

i use in my code the tree.enableItemEditor(true); and the setOnEditHandler(m_func) but the last one not existing in the dhtmlXTree_ed.js

since the setOnEditHandler is deprecated i try to use the attachEvent(“onEdit”,func); but an error is generated on my .jsp (“…property or method not supported by object…”).

what i may use to reneme the items in the tree??


Which version of tree do you use?
The attachEvent available  starting from dhtmlxTree 1.5 and may not be available in older versions - you need to use setOnEditHandler with older version ( meanwhile it still operable with latest code as well, but just not recomended to be used )

    //any code here
    return true;

Actually to make item editable on dbl click you need just next two lines