The row height the Meadow theme is not same as Default theme

For the meadow theme,

<div class="gantt_row" task_id="20" style="height: 27px; line-height: 27px;">

while the default theme,

<div class="gantt_row" task_id="20" style="height: 35px; line-height: 35px;">

I need to compress the gantt a bit to allow for more rows.

Thanks in advance.


    projectGantt.dhx_gantt().config.row_height = 27;

I’m still confused by the fact that the ‘View Source’ for the meadow theme doesn’t specify the row height anywhere. What is this sorcery?

each skin can specify a set of configuration options, there are predefined settings for a default skins.
Here is the code definitions … t.js#L8201

Thanks for the detailed answers and quick support.