The time it takes for the tooltip to disappear … r:tooltips

I have seen the above documentation… Is there a way to modify the timeout event of making the tooltip disappear… when you hover away it takes too long to disappear.


Tooltip disappears as soon as you move cursor from the event.

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There’s definitely a delay… If you are saying that you haven’t programmed one in… Then the operation to hide the tooltip is causing the delay.

I have tried on 2 other computers to make sure it wasn’t mine running the javascript slow.

Perhaps this section should first hide the tool tip and then remove it… It may be that the process of removing html is too slow?

dhtmlXTooltip.hide = function () { this.tooltip.parentNode && this.tooltip.parentNode.removeChild(this.tooltip) };

what do you think?


You are right, sorry. Indeed the same delay as to show tooltip was used.
Please try again using attached file.

Now you can define:

dhtmlXTooltip.config.timeout_to_hide = 0;

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Did you include the file? D’oh. I can’t find it hehe.

Oh, sorry.
Now it is attached.

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Ilya (1.9 KB)

Not sure it has worked, but I actually can’t waste any more time on it so… hehe might want to test that if you’re going to add that to the end product at some point!