There are some unrecognizable characters in DHTMLx Scheduler

We input come chinese in DHTMLx Scheduler, there are some unrecognizable characters .

(DHTMLx Scheduler Java connect + MsSQL)

DHTMLx Scheduler use Utf-8 charset?

Can we change come to that we can use orther charset as chinese ?

You can try to use set_encoding method. For example:

grid.set_encoding(“iso-88591-1”); /you should use the appropriate encoding instead of “iso-88591-1”/

I will use DhtmlxScheduler, where  java files I would add set_encoding method.

 String szUserName = request.getParameter(“username”);
    szUserName = new String(szUserName.getBytes(“ISO8859_1”), “GB2312”);

Mybe I can use this method :



You need to set it on the connector’s class

SchedulerConnector c = new SchedulerConnector(conn);

If you are using custom java code , encoding need to be set to the request and to the top xml declaration
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="GB2312" ?>

I hava add set_encoding method into two files.

SchedulerConnector c = new SchedulerConnector(conn,DBType.MSSQL);

But , problem is still!

These characters wirted into Mssql is uncecognizable, but I change date in Mssql datebase it is ok.

So, I think that I will change code with inserted  date into datebase.  


By default dataprocessor escapes data as utf-8 before sending to the server side, it may be the reason of the problem
You can try to add the next line to client side initialization code