this.cont is null ??


Before I explain my problem, I must say that I’m French, so I apologize for my bad Englisn :blush:

So. I make a programm to manage a coffee machine. I’ve a form in a popup:

[code]var popupDrink = layout.dhxWins.createWindow(“drink_win”, 0, 0, 200, 200);;
popupDrink.setText(“Drink a coffee”);
var drinkForm, formData;
formData =’[{type: “settings”,position: “label-left”, labelWidth: 120,inputWidth: 160 },{ type: “label”, label: “Your name is:”},{type: “combo”,option:[’;
for(i = 0; i < userList.length; i++)
formData += ‘{text: "’ + userList[i][1] + ’ ’ + userList[i][0] + ‘",’;
formData += ‘value: "’ + userList[i][2] + ‘"},’;

					formData = formData.slice(0,(formData.length)-1);
					formData += ']}]';
					drinkForm = popupDrink.attachForm();	
					drinkForm = new dhtmlXForm("drinkForm", formData);
					getElementById("drink_win").innerHTML('<div id="drinkForm" style="height:400px;"></div>');[/code]

But when I click on the toolbar to launch my popup, it remains white and in Firefug it’s write:
[color=red]this.cont is null
[color=green] = ( == “dhx_web”?“13px”:“13px”);
An error comming from dhtmlxform.js.

So what is it? I don’t understand where this error comming from? Did I made something wrong?



In order to attach the form to a window you have to use this:

myWins.window("win").attachForm(); … ntegration


If issue still actual for you please contact us support(at)
I’ll send you updated form code