this.entBox.parentNode is null


we have two layouts.
The first is a 2U layout with “a” → tree and another layout in “b”.

The second Layout holds some DHTMLX-Grids (in every cell one - cellcount dynamically).
When Layouts are loaded but grids are not everything works fine.
But after loading grids i get errors when i’m trying to resize the page (see attachment).

var treeLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("osmdxData", <% if ("update".equals(dashboardModus)) { %>"2U"<% } else { %>"1C"<% } %>);
<% if ("update".equals(dashboardModus)) { %>
<% } %>
dashboard = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(treeLayout.cells(<% if ("update".equals(dashboardModus)) {%>"b"<% } else {%>"a"<% } %>), "<%= layout %>");
(for drag & drop)
dhxGrid[i] = dashboard.cells(buchstaben[i]).attachGrid();
niceGrid[i] = dashboard.cells(buchstaben[i]).attachGrid(); 

Is it a problem that Grid is attached to same cell?
We have a grid for drag&drop at first, because layout doesn’t support drag & drop and afterwards a “nice” grid with data is attached to the same cell.

What happens with the old grid when attaching a new one to a cell?

You should not attach 2 grids at one dhtmlxLayout cell. Each grid should be attached to separate dhtmlxLayout cell.

Is it possible to attach drap&drop handler to Layout cell, so that we can drop the first grid?

No, drag&drop handler must be attached to dhtmlxGrid instance.