this._lastActive.parentNode is null migrating 2.1 Pro to 2.


this seems to happen when closing a tab.

Error isn’t really helpful for me because I’m not able to find the exact position and reason.

The Code is working with 2.1 Pro.

Here the tab closes, but error occurs after closing and no other tab can’t be accessed or opened anymore.

this._lastActive.parentNode is null

anonymous()dhtmlx.js (Zeile 2536)

anonymous()dhtmlx.js (Zeile 2536)

anonymous(Object name=x, Object name=y)dhtmlx.js (Zeile 2544)

anonymous()dhtmlx.js (Zeile 2551)

anonymous(“tab0”, true)dhtmlx.js (Zeile 2560)

change_parent_url(“tab0”)todo_dyn…us=update (Zeile 344)

(?)()inv1090_itt.jsp (Zeile 161)

[Break on this error] };var f = function(){[…e.backgroundColor=this._a.data_color},\r\n

dhtmlx.js (Zeile 2536)

change_parent_url() does the following:


[+ some other intern coding which is not interesting]


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