this may be a product bug.

I found a bug with file limit set.
When I set file limit like “myVault.setFilesLimit(4);”, I will not be able to add more than 4 files into upload queue. This seems work.
However, if you delete files from upload queue and try to add more, you will not be able to add any files, and it seems you reach the limit even though there is no file in upload queue.
I have test this with a sample “”, and it does work too.
I am using 2.4 pro on Chrome 40.

A question I have is that when a user tries to add files more than file limit, is there any way to alert a user that they can’t upload file because file limit is reached? Maybe I am wrong, but currently, I can not use any event handlers to show the message because no event handler got triggered for file limit reach. Is there any event handler or workaround that I can show customized message to users?


This is correct behaviour. Property fileLimit in Vault is total amount of files since init.
We will add an event into Vault in a future upfate for this. If you need it asap,
please provide your demo or just specify exact vault version (if you have no changes
made before, we will add event info official version and send you before it released)