this.obj.firstChild is null when loading grid structure from

I am using a grid in my application. Initially I was creating the grid and structure using the method calls (e.g. setInitWidths, setColAlign, etc)

When I switch this to use an XML structure the data does not load and I get the error message

this.obj.firstChild is null in dhtmlxgrid.js line 777

if (_isKHTML)this.obj.appendChild®;else {this.obj.firstChild.appendChild®}else {this.rowsCol[ind].parentNode.insertBefore(r, this.rowsCol[ind])};this.rowsCol._dhx_insertAt(ind, r);return r},

I have not loaded any data into this particular grid yet, so I am not sure why this message comes up (I have 5 grids in my app and they were all working before I prior to my switching to xml files)

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

Row #


Document ID

Collection Name

Geo Ref

Load Date


Country Confidence















The same XML works correctly in local samples ( attached )
The error similar to one in your case, can occur if you calling some data manipulation methods without creating grid’s structure ( be sure that previously used XML, without head section, not cached ) (81.7 KB)