this.rowsBuffer[i] is null

We are using version 2 of grid professional.

Have a grid with subgrid on page.

sorting is working OK in subgrid. But in parent grid when trying to sort we have error: “this.rowsBuffer[i] is null”

Can you please advise with any possible reason of this?

Thanks in advance.

This is how we init grid.

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);


    mygrid.setHeader(" , ,Ra No,Acc No,Statement Date,Name,Action");








Such error may occur if you have grid in dynamic mode ( dyn. srnd or dyn. paging ) - in such case client side sorting can’t be used , because not all data loaded to client side.
( technically it possible to generate such error in case when all rows added by script, in specific positions, with some positions not filled - but it is a pretty rare case )