time-click precision

Hi there,

   I've setup the scheduler recently on our intranet and my users have been absolutely astonished by the functionalities it offers them. So first things first, great work you guys and thanks for providing me and countless others with a tool that's both robust and versatile.

Still, they started asking about something I didn’t really notice until now. When you double-click on the scheduler, it opens up the lightbox and it calculates start and end time based on where you clicked, which is exactly as you would expect so it’s fine.

However, in our case, the “sensitivity”, is a little too much. You see, most of our tasks will start either on the hour mark or half-hour mark(and, if we stretch ‘maybe’ the fifteen minutes mark). So my users are getting slightly annoyed by the fact that it’s near impossible to get a task to start at like 10:00 right off the bat with a simple double-click. A couple of tests on my part did indeed confirm that you have to be practically pixel-perfect to succeed and I personnally don’t mind just changing the date manually in the lightbox, but I figured I’d at least take the time to ask :wink:.

So, my question is this: Is there a mechanism inside the scheduler to adjust the sensitivity of the “time-click” calculation or must I do the calculation myself when the lightbox opens up?

Thanks in advance and again, great work :slight_smile:.


You can set
scheduler.config.time_step = 30; //length in minutes

If you need more precise control, you can use onEventCreated handler, it gets ID of new event just after creation , and you can alter any properties of newly created event from it ( including start and end dates )

Thanks Stanislav,

scheduler.config.time_step = 30;

did the trick perfectly :slight_smile:.