Time Control - date/time control...

I’d like to make entries in a database and record a date and time with each one.
Looks like calendar could record the date, but no way to set the time conveniently.

Time could be set as a combo pull-down centered on now. Setting could set up resolution in minutes - 10,15,20,30,60 minutes for the entire day.

Trickier part would be to have a single control that could set a Date/time. The calendar above and the time at the bottom, maybe.

Thanks for listening,

If your question relates to dhtmlxCalendar component, you can try to use timepicker with it (currently it’s not official functionality). I’ve attached the sample
timepicker.zip (41.4 KB)

Thank you so much for this. In the future, would it be possible to just have a time popup?

Also, would it be difficult to modify it so that there is an AM/PM option?

Thanks again!


I’m trying timepicker functions but visual effect is not good.
The result is the same in both explorer and Firefox.