Time conversion for Time Formats

I am using this calendar for trainings conducted globally. Now, when a training from US is inserted the times are same for entire globe.
but when i tried

scheduler.attachEvent("onEmptyClick", function (date, native_event_object) {

and got the data inside date i could see that my timezone is also picked. Is there any way that scheduler handles or do i have to think the other way around.

By default scheduler saves and loads data without relation to the timezone.
So if you have an event at 5PM it will be shown as 5PM for all users.

You can use
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … onfig.html
with such setting enabled, event will be shown in local timezone ( so each user will see different starting and ending times of the same event )

Same can be configured in .Net code
scheduler-net.com/docs/dhxschedu … server_utc

Great this thing is converting the timezone and am very happy,but what i have seen is the timezone of server is not taken.

Like server and my timezone is almost 12hrs apart.But the conversion is not done according to server.

Like, my local timezone = UTC + 5:30 (India)
Server timezone = UTC - 8:00 (US & Canada)

Now when i have start time as 0630 Hrs then locally am able to see that time as 1200 Hrs so this is not actually Server Timezone to Local TimeZone. But, Server is considered as UTC and then converted to local timezone which for me was (diff of 0630hrs & 1200hrs = UTC + 0530hrs )

All conversion are done on the client side, so the timezone of server doesn’t matter
Data in DB is strored as UTC

Is it causing some problems for your server side code ?

Thank you for introducing me to a good practice of storing values in UTC for times.