Time drop-down PROBLEM


Since today, when adding a new entry, I can’t pick a correct time in the drop-down menu anymore.
It only offers time in a list as follows: 00.00 - 01:55 in 5 min increments.

All already made events are still correct.
But when editing/chancing any of these, the dropdown menu again is just from 00.00-01.55.
So they can’t be changed.

All dates themselves are correct. It is just the time.

Is the winter-summertime shift the problem?
How can this be resolved?
Please help…

My timesettings in Joomla are: UTC + 01.00 (Amsterdam, Berlin, etc…)

Try to locate dhtmlxscheduler.js inside components folder and replace it with the attached one.
dhtmlxscheduler.zip (21 KB)


Even before I came back to this forum and found this answer the problem was solved.
In fact it solved itself, as at monday, when checking the site again and trying again to book an event, the dropdownmenu and times were correct again.

Don’t know what did it, but glad it works fine again.