Time field gets blank when odd time is loaded from database

I have configured the time step for the time section of the light box as 15.

Below is the code:

scheduler.config.time_step = 15;

This enables the time combo boxes to be populated with 15 minutes interval like - 12:00,12:15,12:30,12:45, etc.

Now, when I load the event from the database with Start time as 01:09 am and End time as 01:39 am, the corresponding fields are filled as empty. These fields are only filled when the Start/End time is a multiple of 15.

How should I resolve this issue?

Is there a way to make these combo boxes editable?


The problem doesn’t occur at the last version of Scheduler:
Which version do you use?
Please, provide with the demo link, where the problem can be reproduced.

We’ve managed to reproduce the issue with minicalendar time-picker (previously we’ve tried a regular time control). The issue is confirmed, we’ll send you a fix as soon as it is ready, most probably either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Thanks for your quick response!
Waiting for the fix.

Gaurav Yadav