time scale

Dear all,
in this forum, someone of dhtmlx team say that the next release of gantt will include a time scale function ( day, month, etc) .
Can you said me how the next release will be available ?


Agree. I’ve found that the dhtmlx Gantt has the best outlook and features yet. The only reason keeping me out of that product is just the missing of the time-scale function. Without that, it renders the entire product useless to me. It’s so fundamental and obvious. What a pity!

We are working on this feature, the release date is not yet defined.


I am currently evaluating this product and need the time scale functionality discussed her.
Any ideas when it may be available because I need to get going with my project.



It is planned in end of February - March.

Would this time scale feature allow the use of activities that are smaller than one day?
We would also need to have activities that can start (EST value) in a certain time value, not just the date…

Please let me know so I can decide on buying this component or not.


For the moment we do not support tasks smaller than a day. Time value is not counted yet.


i have just tested the great gantt module. But as my previous speaker said, time scales different to days would be nice. I would like to visualize a project-year-schedule based on weeks.

Ive read that there should be a release on 9th March. But im unsure if it is already released. If it has the time scales feature, we would immediately purchase the gantt script.

thx in advice



Any news about this feature ?


My society is very interested in this feature. So could you please tell me if it is still planed for next version of the gantt controller? And when is planned that new version?

Thanks in advance.

5th of July we will release support of zooming time scale (still not less than one day - day, week, month) and a few improvements in event handling.

Hey, did this 5th of July release happen? I could be blind, but I don’t see any way to adjust the time scale on the Gantt chart with the v1.3 release on the website. Is there a nightly or release candidate that has this feature that we can get access to?


Any update on the time scale feature ? We are anxious about the feature so that people does not need to drag the scroll bar to view a long gantt chart.

We will notify everyone soon.

Did this ever happen? We’re interested in the gantt chart, but have a hard requirement for zoom functionality.

Two years have passed. Am I to conclude that the project is dead. This feature is really important.

The zoom functionality will be available in the new release of dhtmlxGantt (planned on September). You can download the latest development version here:

Tasks starts often times when a previous task ends. So if a task ends in the middle of the day, the following task should not wait for the next day so you can plot it sequentially. The chart shows that all tasks are just set in parallel on 12:00:00 midnight and you will not have a way of tracking which should be done first, second, third, the sequence is just not there. This gantt is not useful at all if you need specific information down to the minute. Let me know if im missing some feature that will help solve this problem.