Time slot view start from 9.00 instead of 0.00.

Currently when the calendar is opened, you see the 00:00 slot.Instead, it should have been set to show the 9.00 time slot at the very top. You can scroll up to earlier time slots if you need to but when the calender loads, it should be scrolled down to 9.00 as the top slot. Is this possible? If possible please let me know how can i implement that?

Thanks in advance

You can do:

scheduler.config.first_hour = 8;
scheduler.config.last_hour = 23;

And you set the first visible hour and the last visible hour. But I think you still can create events before first hour and after last hour…

In scheduler 2.2 , there is the next option

scheduler.config.limit_time_select = true;

It will change lightbox form, so timeselector will start and end according to the first_hour and last_hour settings.
As result it will not be possible to create event which is outside of defined hours.

You can also use:

scheduler.config.scroll_hour = 9

And, if one event start and end in differents days?? can it be possible?

In such case it counted as multi-day event, which doesn’t blocked by time-scale limitations.

Similar logic can be used to validate entered dates and block unwanted scenarios.

Hi Stanislav,

What about time periods of a day? Many businesses open from 8am to 12am in morning, and 1pm to 5pm in afternoon. How to limit appointments/events out of these time periods? Further question is there is always a use case that many businesses will be closed at some day or holidays. How to limit creating events on these days in scheduler?

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Scheduler has built-in limits for start and end time only.
If you need to limit some other time|date periods you can assign your custom logic through events.

Check sources/ext/ext_limit.js, it uses onEventAdded, onEventChanged, onBeforeEventChanged handlers to check is date of events in allowed zone or not, and block the data change when necessary. You can use the same approach but extend validation rules to one, which is necessary in your case.

Probably we will improve limit extension in next version, to allow more configurable “restricted” time|date areas.