Timeline and Units view: Possible to multiassign an event?


I need to be able to assign an event to multiple people in the timeline and unit views.

Is it possible to do so? Passing an array to the key field doesn’t seem to work work (e.g. resource_id: [1, 2])

this functionality is not supported out of the box.
Each event is expected to be mapped to a single resource, when it’s rendered.
The possible approach to implement it is to override scheduler.get_visible_events function, this function is responsible for providing events to be rendered to the view. In the method you could call the original ‘get_visible_events’ to retrieve array of the event objects. Then you’ll need to iterate this array and when ‘multiresource’ event is found, you replace it with several ‘regular’ copies, one per each resource

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

Can you take that as a note for a feature request? I think it would be useful for others, and having it officially supported would be nice.

we’ll added it to the feature list, although I can’t say when it will be implemented