Timeline css width

Is it possible to write something in the marked area in the picture?
And is it possible to change the width of the left column in the timeline view?

the width of the section is defined by the ‘dx’ property of timeline configuration object (DHXTimeline.Dx if you create it with c# code).
There is no built-in way to put a label on top of left column of the timeline. Currently the only possible way to do so is to put an absolute positioned element with needed content there.
You can add/remove it on client-side onViewChange event.
Also note that you you can dynamically get all required sizes for this element from scheduler configuration

width - ‘dx’ property of the timeline - scheduler.matrix.timelineName.dx
heigth - scheduler.xy.scale_height
top - position, relative to main scheduler container (which is also absolute) - scheduler.xy.nav_height
left - 0

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … other.html

Okay, thanks. The left column seems to be aligned in the center, is it possible to align it to the left?

You can use css class:

.dhx_matrix_scell{ text-align:left; }