Timeline display Half a year

Dear everyone,

Wondering how to display half a year or a semester into the timeline. From example I can display full month as per example in sample but struggle to do as half a year or for a longer period of time.

Thanks for the help

Hello @peuportier ,

You can display any required range in the timeline by configuring the x_step, x_unit and x_size properties of the createTimelineView method:

Where the x_size is count of x_unit elements on the view.

Here is example with half a year timeline:

  name:	"timeline",
  x_unit:	"month",
  x_date:	"%M",
  x_step:	1,
  x_size: 6,
  x_start: 0,
  x_length: 6,
  y_unit:	sections,
  y_property:	"section_id",

Here is a demo:

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Hello @Siarhei

First, Thank you for your time.
Your insights were helpful. But my idea is to arrive more like this?

How do I Set the timeline for displaying the length according to my screenshot?
I Wish you a nice day!


hello @Siarhei i try this way

				name: view_name,
				x_unit: "week",
				x_date: "%W <br> %d",
				x_step: 1,
				x_size: 1,
				scroll_position: new Date(),
				section_autoheight: true,
				y_unit:   sections,
				y_property: "section_id",
                    x_unit: "month", // unit which should be used for second scale
                    x_date: "%F" // date format which should be used for second scale, "July 01"

However, it appears chaotic.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get close to my model?
Two scales are present on the top, one for a month and the other for a week, each of which has a vertical bar for each day, similar to a ruler.

Thanks you