Timeline forward arrow locked after setCurrentView

Good day,

I’ve found a couple of times this problem in the forum but I wasn’t able to solve it for me.

I setup this timeline:

		name:	"timeline",
		x_unit:	"minute",
		x_date:	"%H:%i",
		x_step:	5,
		x_size: 24,
		x_start: datiSchedulerEventi.schedulerLastTimelinePosition,
		x_length: 6,
		y_unit:	sections,
		y_property:	"section_id",

This way the arrows move the view for 30 min blocks. When I try to update the current view with this fragment of code:

		scheduler.date.timeline_start = function(date) {
			date = new Date(date);
			return date;

The timeline shifts to the ev.start_date hour start and the forward arrow became locked.

Any help? I’d like to shift the view to the 30 min block where the ev.start_date resides.


the timeline_start drops the minute part of the date. Given that the scroll step is set to 30 minutes, the timeline can’t be scrolled forward because actions like 8:00 -> 8:30 will be dropped back to 8:00 by a timeline_start function

you’ll need to modify the timeline_start function in order to allow 30min dates