Timeline Horizontal Scroll

We use the Timeline view to show a full month day-by-day. This is however causing each day to be very small. Is there a way have a horitontal scrollbar? I found earlier topics that advised adding a wrapper, but that will mess up the vertical scrollbar because I would have to scroll right first in order to scroll down.

Another way would be to set a minimum width for the columns? See screenshot for a demonstration.

Are there no solutions for this?


sorry for a delayed answer.
Is your timeline in full-screen view?
Try height/width settings:


html, body{ margin:0; padding:0; height:100%; overflow: auto; }



For the moment there is no min_width configuration for timeline cells in scheduler. You can only combine DOM elements height / width proprieties.

Hi SergeM,

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to somehow use this extension on the timeline view:

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … units.html

Where you also have a horizontal scroll of the top items? prntscr.com/26y3ux

Any idea?

Not possible for now.
The horizontal scroll for timeline and unit views will be available as part of dhtmlxScheduler 5.0

Hi Stanislav,

Good to hear it will be part of a future release. Is there an expected release date for that and is there any way I can get my hands on a beta version of that?


There is no exact date for version 5.0 yet ( late spring 2014 is a rough estimation )
We may have the above functionality ready for usage a bit earlier though. In such case it may be included in Scheduler 4.1 ( February 2014 )

Hi Stanislav,

A release in 4.1 would result in at least 1 very happy man :wink:.

Will keep an eye on the website.

Hi There, would let to get my hands on this scroll functionality for schedular, same as in the Gantt module.

any news on Scheduler 4.1 ( February 2014 ) ???

Scheduler v4.1 will be released in a very nearest time, most probably it will happen later this week.
However, this update does not includes a timeline scroll feature

Okay, thanks…

Any news ?

I am looking for the horizontal scroll feature as well, as a month view of the timeline gets very hard to read.

Is there any news on when v5 might be ready?

We plan to release Scheduler 5.0 till the end of this Year and it will contain the optional horizontal scroll for unit and timeline views.

Did the horizontal scroll functionality end up being released for any version <4.3?

unfortunately no. The 5.0 is still in development, the current versions does not have a horisontal scrolling


any updated info when dhtmlxScheduler 5.0 will be available?
Looking forward to improve usability by horizontal scrolling of scheduler timeline.


dhtmlxScheduler 5.0 is released or not?