TimeLine issues - Not showing data

Hi Guys,

I have just craeted a timelime view in my scheduler.

Every other view works and shows all the associated events, however, the timeline view is just blank.

I cannot seem to get any data showing on it all.

Here is my code:

scheduler.locale.labels.resource_tab = "Resource"

// TimeLine View == Resource View
    section_autoheight:      true,
    name:	                 "resource",
    x_unit:	                 "day",
    x_date:	                 sDate,
    x_step:	                 1,
    x_size:                  15,
    x_start:                 1,
    x_length:                24,
    y_unit:	                 resourceNames,
    y_property:              "section_id",
    dx:                      200,
    dy:                      50,
    render:                  "bar"

scheduler.init( 'scheduler_here', null, 'resource' );

Can anyone offer any help here.



Please double check that

  1. All your events have valid “section_id” properties which are in fact displayed in Timeline
  2. Your resourceNames array is not empty and have correct ids (as they will be linked with section_id property of events).

Kind regards,