Timeline loading/redraw slow and start/end date of new events not precise on mouse pos

I have a timeline in which a full year is ploted to create show all my workers holidays. As we have rather big data, it takes too long to load/edit. Also if I click-drag in the cell the event is automatically covers 2 days instead of one. What can be done ? here is the code for timeline:
name: “holidays_timeline”,
x_unit: “day”,
x_date: “%d”,
x_step: 1,
x_size: 31,
x_length: 1,

dy: Math.ceil(21.5 * salon.app_info.workers_list.list().length) 


if I remove the round_position it seems to work better, but then the event does not cover whole day. also after event creation the scheduler updates for a second or two disabling all else…

thanks in advance

Hi @iti

Please try to enable smart_rendering option of the Timeline to increase the performance.

smart_rendering - ( boolean ) enables smart rendering functionality in a timeline (allows rendering only the rows, columns, and events visible on the screen, while other elements are being rendered during scrolling of the timeline). Note that in a scrollable timeline this setting is enabled by default.


Looks like you customized Days view mode of the Timeline view to the “month mode” to show the full year. I think that issue related to the customization, because it doesn’t occur in the Days view. Unfortunately, it is not obvious what goes wrong and how to fix.