Timeline Mobile Drag

Hi there,
Im using the last version, with the touch configuration.
Whenever I want to drag a task using a mobile device, I get like all the timeframe selected, instead of just simply drag the task.

Check the link Example 1

Is this normal or can this somehow be avoided through jquery?

I also just noticed that this is not happening in windows (chrome and Edge). This screenshots are from ipads and iphones with Safari

Hi @Contente

I confirm the issue, I was able to reproduce it on iphone in Safari and in other browsers. Probably it is related to iphones/ipads. I will create a bug ticket so our dev team investigates the issue.

I will let you know as soon as there’s any news.

Maybe this workaround will help:

scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeDrag”, function (id, mode, e){
scheduler.config.container_autoresize = false;
return true;

scheduler.attachEvent(“onDragEnd”, function(id, mode, e){
scheduler.config.container_autoresize = true;