Timeline not reading event_duration


We are using scheduler with the timeline view and have set the property event_duration to be 480 minutes (8 hours)

scheduler.config.event_duration = 480; scheduler.config.auto_end_date = true;

This doesnt seem to work with the timeline view, it works properly when in month or single day view but not in any of the timelines. This is our timeline setup…

[code] scheduler.createTimelineView({
name: “weekview”,
x_unit: “hour”,//measuring unit of the X-Axis.
x_date: “%g %a”, //date format of the X-Axis
x_step: 4, //X-Axis step in 'x_unit’s
x_size: 42, //X-Axis length specified as the total number of 'x_step’s
x_start: 0, //X-Axis offset in 'x_unit’s
x_length: 42, //number of 'x_step’s that will be scrolled at a time
y_unit: scheduler.serverList(“sections”), //The DB connection sets this list
y_property: “class”, //mapped data property
section_autoheight: true,// PAUL PAUL height for everything
event_duration: 480,

			x_unit: "day", // the measuring unit of the axis (by default, 'minute')
			x_date: "%l %F %d" //the date format of the axis ("July 01")
		 render:"bar"             //view mode

Can anyone offer any insight to this?


timeline seems to use a duration of a column rather than event_duration from the config as a default value.
You can set the default date in onEventCreated event:

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventCreated", function(id){ var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id); ev.end_date = scheduler.date.add(ev.start_date, scheduler.config.event_duration, "minute") });