Timeline on a day base


i try to do a timeline per day base for a month. But nothing happens. What is going wrong? it works when i tried the sample you provided with the x_unit: hour.

Here is my code:

The code which you are using is mostly worable, but you need to use

x_date: “%d”,

to see some meaningful label in header. And define timeline_start method - to round date by the month start

name: “timeline”,
x_unit: ‘day’,
x_date: “%d”,
x_step: 1,
x_size: 30,
x_start: 0,
x_length: 30,
y_property: ‘section_id’,

return date;


thanks for the respone. I just added your code but still get an empty screen. See attached example:

  • File ‘sample_timeline.html’ works fine
  • File ‘sample_timeline-month.html’ does not work!

Help is welcome.
sample_timeline-Month.zip (30.1 KB)

a) You have a lot of missed commas in configuration.
b) Default view of scheduler is configured on July, while all events are in June.