Timeline Re-sizing

Hi Team,

I have few queries regarding scheduler event in timeline view,

  1. Is it possible to re-size event up to only start time if I’m trying to re-size it from right(from end point) and vise-versa on re-sizing is from other end.
  2. How can we show a select menu (Delete and edit) on event selection, in timeline view.


  1. Not sure if i understand the scenario. Managing a direction of resize from the code is not possible. But you can disable resizing from one of the sides by disabling resizer via css:

.dhx_event_resize.dhx_event_resize_start{ display:none; }

.dhx_event_resize.dhx_event_resize_end{ display:none; }
2) Default selection menu is not supported in timeline or month, but you can enable quick info extension that provides similar functionality
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/extens … #quickinfo

The above CSS will only help me not to show dragging option to user either from start/end or from both directions.

But my query is if I’m allowing to re-size it from any one end either start or end, and then if re-sizing it from start time then minimum re-sizing should only be allowed only up-to end time, not beyond that. In my case if I re-sized it beyond the start time then start time becomes the end time and new re-sized point becomes start time, for that event.

I want to restrict the event re-sizing either up to start time if I start re-sizing from end time and only up to end time in case if I start re-sizing it from start time.

Hi Team,
Do we have any update on the same.

It can’t be done without modifications in the source code
We do not plan to add a separate option to control this behavior

If it works for you - I can describe which lines in existing codebase need to be patched.

Hi Stanislav,

Yes, could you please tell me what and where in source code changes needs to be made.

dhtmlxscheduler.js ( use the version from sources folder )

locate scheduler._on_mouse_move method ( line 2329 )
and in this method replace the next code

if (end<=start) end=start+this.config.time_step*60000;

					if (end<=start) return;

and in ext/dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js, locate and remove the next lines ( lines 286-290)

if(this._drag_from_start && +end_date> +ev.end_date){ this._drag_from_start = false; }else if(!this._drag_from_start && +end_date < +ev.start_date){ this._drag_from_start = true; }

Thanks for your support, it really helps me allot.

Apart of this just, want to know is there is any support in external drag & drop scheduler(with tree docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … _drag.html), to drag back the event in tree again.

Such scenario is not supported
( it requires really a lot of custom code to have drag-from-scheduler to dhtmlx components )