Timeline - show only work hour in x_unit:"day"


In my timeline, I would like to show and create a one-day event on a14hours/day basis instead of the default 24hours/day basis.

It works for the lightbox but I can’t manage to make it work on a 14hours/day (more precisely : from 7am to 9pm).

Could you get back to me with a solution to customize my “working hours”?

Thanks for your help!

Unfrotunately it is not possible in current version. But we have it in plans for dhtmlxScheduler 4.0

Ok, :frowning: Thank you for your answer.
Would you already know when this version is supposed to be released ?

We hope to finalize code changed till the end of May, but due to technical reasons - release itself will be in first part of June.

thank you! I will follow it closely.