Timeline tree view issue


i have a problem when i parse an event with section_id has the same id of the parent in tree timeline mode

i don’t want to change the id of my data i just want to prevent event showing there

the code of the snippet :



You can use filtering function to hide particular events according to your needs. https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/filtering.html

Add the code to prevent showing event “Task A-12458”:

function findInArray(array, key) {
  for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
if (key == array[i].key)
  return array[i];
  return null;

scheduler.filter_timeline = function(id, event){
return false; // event will be filtered (not rendered)
  	return true; // event will be rendered

Demo: http://snippet.dhtmlx.com/2bd3f6d38


Thank you, that sorted it :ok_hand: