TimeLine TreeView forward arrow does not work

In my Timeline Treeview there is a forward and a back arrow, which I want to use to move backwards / forwards a day. The back arrow works fine, it moves the view back a day. However. the forward arrow does nothing at all! Below is the code that I use for setting the timeline treeview up.

    private void AddTimelineView(DHXScheduler scheduler)
        var units = new TimelineView("UserGroups", "assignedto");

        units.FolderEventsAvailable = false;
        units.RenderMode = TimelineView.RenderModes.Tree;
        units.X_Unit = TimelineView.XScaleUnits.Hour;
        units.X_Start = 8;
        units.X_Step = 1;
        units.X_Size = 10;
        units.X_Length = 10;
        units.SectionAutoheight = true;
        units.FullEventDy = true;

        //get all user groups
        List<string> userGroups = UserManager.GetListOfUserGroupsForExternalUsers();
        List<ConnectContext.User> users;
        foreach (string userGroup in userGroups)
            users = UserManager.GetListOfUsersForAUserGroup(userGroup);
            TimelineUnit section = new TimelineUnit(userGroup, userGroup);
            var ugUsers = users.Select(c => new TimelineUnit(c.Userid, c.Username)).ToList();




Any help is very much appreciated!

if you want ‘forward’ to scroll calendar to the next day, try setting
units.X_Length = 24;

Thank you, that sorted it