Timeline: using second scale

HI I’m after the schedule to view a time line with the following:
name: “timeline”,
x_unit: “minute”,
x_date: “%i”,
x_step: 15,
x_size: 96,
x_start: 0,
x_length: 24,
y_unit: sections,
y_property: “section_id”,
x_unit: “hour”,
x_date: “” //nothing displayed here just segments
However the second scale always stretches across the whole control with just one hour (it need to be 24). The subsection/primary scale granularity needs to be set to 15 minutes

As a summary:
I have set the y sections to days of the week. Essentially i need to allow users to add and remove schedules for days of the week with 15 minute granularity

Many thanks


this seems to have been fixed in the beta. Using the same init() code. :slight_smile:

New version of scheduler has few related fixes, and must support most scales combinations.
If some combination of scales still not work - be sure to report it here