Timeline view and next button inactive


I have configured a timeline view with these parameters :

scheduler.createTimelineView({ name: "timeline", x_unit: "day", x_date: "%D %d %F", x_step: 1, x_size: 7, x_start: 0, y_unit: sections, y_property: "id_user", render: "bar", section_autoheight: true, //event_dy: "full", round_position: true, sort: basicSort, event_min_dy: 60, show_unassigned: false });

It show me a week view (from monday to sunday) with all my users and it work properly.
I want to hide Sunday so i have changed the value of x_size to 6.
The result is :

  • sunday is hided
  • previous button show me the previous week properly
  • next button doesn’t work : it doing nothing

Any idea to make the next button working ?

try specifying x_length:7
By default scheduler will use x_size as a scroll step. So when you click ‘next’, it adds six days to the previous minimal date (fist day of the week), and the result date stays on the same week.
x_length allows specifying scroll step explicitly
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … eview.html

Thanks a lot.
It work perfectly now