Timeline view drag bug

Hello there!

I have this weird problem with the Timeline view on the Schedule.

Let’s say I have a event that occupies 2 timeslots (13:30-14:00 and 14:00-1430), the event of course occupies 2 slots.

Now, if I try to try the event around, if I drag by click and holding my mouse on the “second slot”, this problem does not happen and drags around smoothly. But when I try to drag on the “first slot”, it somehow “slips” one to the left.

In order to describe my problem more clearly, please see my screen captured video at this link:

Is this some sort of bug I’m wondering?

Please kindly let me know.

Thanks guys!


please try this version of the “dhtmlxscheduler_limit.js” (for 4.1.0. version).
dhtmlxscheduler_limit_block_fix.js.zip (8.19 KB)