Timeline view - problem cell click region - onCellDblClick


i have a problem with the click region in my timeline view. The wrong section is used when i make a dblClick in the upper area of cell. See attached screenshot for details. The onCellDblClick event handler looks like:

  scheduler.attachEvent("onCellDblClick", function (x_index, y_index, x_value, y_value, native_event) {
    var viewcurrent=scheduler.getState().mode.toLowerCase();
    if (viewcurrent=='timeline') {
      var sectionKey=scheduler.matrix[scheduler._mode].y_unit[y_index].key; 
      var sectionLabel=scheduler.matrix[scheduler._mode].y_unit[y_index].label;

    return true;

Timeline view is created by:

"second_scale":{x_unit:"day", x_date:"%d. %F"},

Thanks for your time.
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can you attach a complete demo please?
I’ve tried your timeline configuration and onCellDblClick on one of our samples and everything seems working correctly. So there is should be something besides the timeline that causes the issue