Timeline view problem with saving times

Hello (excuse for my english),

I have a problem with my scheduler v4.2 with a timeline view: no display and no error after 25/10/2015 (config pc : france gmt +1 with automatic saving times).

When i disable “automatic saving times” on the pc i can display after 25/10/2015 but events are not good.

if i change “x_step = 13” dynamically after this date, i can display but hours are not good.

This my timelineview config:

name: “timeline”,
x_unit: “hour”,
x_date: “%H”,
x_step: 12,
x_size: 25,
//x_start: 2.3,
x_length: 2

            y_unit:	collaborateurs,
            y_property:	"nom_collab",
            round_position: true,
            preserve_length: true,
                x_unit: "day", // unit which should be used for second scale
                x_date: "%D,%d,%M", // date format which should be used for second scale, "July 01"

Best regards.

DTHMLX just recently gave me a copy of updated files (I have support plan from them) since I was also dealing with a weird Daylight Savings Time issue for one of our clients. I contacted support and provided them with a demo of my issue. I was also experiencing a weird anomaly only for the Sydney Timezone in Timeline View, but I presumed back then that it might also be happening to other timezones.

If I were you, I’d contact support to see if you they can give you an updated version of the scheduler.



I’m not a licensed customer, i can’t contact support for this.

Info: I’m trying the professionnal version 4.3 (with an update) and it works.

Thanks for you return.