Timeline view: scroll issue when hiding time units


When using hiding time units in timeline view, with ignore function (docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/custom … #technique), the navigation arrows don’t take hidden units into account and always steps by the same amount of units (1 in my case).

So if you hide from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m, you scroll into blank area for 8 tims (8 hours) once 10 p.m. is reached and until 6 a.m. is reached. Very annoying for customer.

Is there some known workaround?

I’ve thought of dynamically changing scheduler.matrix['timeline'].x_length value but it seems the ignore_timeline function is triggered many times, and anyways this doesn’t fit the need that stepping backwards should be able to step by 1, while stepping forward should skip ignored hours and step the gap.

I haven’t tried using “first_hour” and “last_hour” config params but they would fit only when there is a single period to ignore in the day (I think this is the case). Maybe the behavior is different.

My sample config was :

  • display steps of 180 minutes
  • display 10 steps
  • scroll by 1 step.

My office uses dhtmlx version 4.3.1.



Hi again, finally we changed our mind and number of units to navigate up/down is equal to number of units for a whole day, so there is no display problem. But the question I asked remains interesting I think.