Timeline View


I wonder how can I relate my calendar items to display in TimelineView.
(Like this example:http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxScheduler/sample_timeline.shtml)

Utilizei o código abaixo para criar a timeline:

name: “timeline”,
x_unit: “minute”,
x_date: “%H:%i”,
x_step: 30,
x_size: 24,
x_start: 16,
x_length: 48,
[{ key: 1, label: “Section A” },
{ key: 2, label: “Section B” },
{ key: 3, label: “Section C” },
{ key: 4, label: “Section D”}],
y_property: “section_id”,
render: “bar”

I need 2 things:

1 - The Keys must be loaded up with the names of “Professionals”, similar to that part of my code where I load a ComboBox option:

var XMLProfissional = “”;
$.get(“Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler/XMLProfissional.aspx”, function (data) {
XMLProfissional = data;
}, ‘text’);

2 - How do I get when clicking on the “Timeline” tab schedules according to the professional who appears at sessions be loaded?


You need to have some kind of foreign key in the event’s data, which shows in which timeline section event must be shown, and name of such key must be used as value of “y_property” parameter.