Timeline's folder_dy property lost after save


I use folder_dy property on my timeline to set the folders height more narrow than default. The problem is that after save a new event in a row where it forces to increase its height, all the folders height is increased too, not respecting the folder_dy. It gets restored after some actions, like opening/closing folders.

You can view a demo here: youtu.be/c-gyAgyeD64

Can you help me with that? I can’t reproduce it in a snippet, I suppose it’s related to database saving event or something like that. Is there a way to force the folder’s height apart from folder_dy?

the issues doesn’t seems to happen locally, probably has something to do with configs you use.
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/b6f52c3b - can you please add settings of the timeline that you have on your page?


I can’t reproduce it in your snippet because I think it’s related to the integration between DHTMLX and the server. I’ve a custom lightbox, and if I comment the line scheduler.endLightbox(true, null); when I create a new event the folder height doesn’t increase, remains ok. So it’s something with scheduler.endLightbox that changes the height of the folders ignoring the folder_dy property.

After closing the lightbox (saving the new event) DHTMLX Scheduler changes the dhx_row_folder height like this:

When folder_dy is 35.

I think I’ve found a workaround, adding this after endLightbox():

setTimeout( function() { scheduler.setCurrentView(); }, 1500);

It’s ugly but it works, the folders height are reset to folder_dy