"Timeout expired" when loding DhtmlxGrid with Connector

Hi All,

We are using DhtmlxConnector to bind our DhtmlxGrid. it is working fine when our store procedure start returning records within 30 seconds.

But it gives the error for “Timeout expired” when store procedure start returning records after 30 seconds. below is the error.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

We implemented Dhtmlxgrid in whole project this time is very crucial for us. Please provide solution for this ASAP.


Above message is result of timeout error in the DB driver and not related to the functionality of Connector library.

To fix it you need to change settings of DB or configuration of DB connection

Thanks for your response,

We have already increased the Timeout in connection string still we are getting the same issue.

Same code & store procedure is working fine with Asp.Net Gridview for 10,000 records.

Can we increase Timeout from any other place. like dhtmlx grid load xml.

Please provide solution to increase the Timeout of dhtmlx grid request object until it start to get the data from database.


There is no any time limitation in code of dhtmlxConnector or in the client side code.
The error text in the response clearly states that problem caused because of DB server timeout.

Thanks for the quick response.
as we have already increased the timeout in web.config http runtime and even in connection string but its not working.
as our query is taking more then 30 seconds, and we have analyzed that if we could send the sql command object or sql adapter in the connector it may resolve.

please suggest or is there any other way we could customize the timeout.