Times on lines versus in between lines.

Currently the times on the week calendar are in between lines. Is there any way to put the times next to the lines?

Something like this, see the times on the left: dropbox.com/s/iif0cb41wgsja … 3.png?dl=0


You can wrap date into new CSS class in hour_scale template. Then just apply CSS according to your requirements.
Here is a snippet how to implement it snippet.dhtmlx.com/c052bd5da

So that worked for me, thank you, however I do not see the 30 minute lines showing up. Is there something to make these show up?

Please clarify what do you mean by “make these show up”?
There are 30 minutes lines in the snippet: prntscr.com/k7xouo

I’m not seeing those lines

dropbox.com/s/feagr0uca7gsa … 2.png?dl=0

I need access to your application to understand the cause of it.

It’s unfortunately behind our firewall and I can’t give you access.

Then please reproduce the issue using DHTMLX snippet system and share the link with me.