Timing on event onFilterStart


When I use the onFilterStart event as shown below
mygrid.attachEvent(“onFilterStart”, filterGridOnServer);

The function filterGridOnServer gets called even before the complete text is typed. Looks like there is some time associated with it. Is there a way I can control, when the request has to be complete or event has to be triggered.  
For example when I search for numeric value 6.78
and if I delay a 2 seconds after entering 6. the request gets processed.  I want that delay to be little more than 2 seconds.
or in other words I want the event to occur only after user has completed typing in the filter_text box.


There is no way to detect when “user has completed typing in the filter_text box”, because code can’t know is typing finished or user just type very slowly.

Currently filtering fire if there is no any new key pressed 0.5sec
You can change this delay by code modification


if (id.value != id.old_value){
},500); // <= this number can be increased