Tiny bug in Scheduler.NET if used with mobile scheduler


when used with mobile version of scheduler, there is a tiny bug.

Mobile Scheduler send another values for “!nativeeditor_status” and Scheduler.NET cannot detect the correct status.

I fixed it with this code:

public ActionResult Save(long? id, FormCollection actionValues)
            var action = new DataAction(actionValues);

            var appointment = (Event) DHXEventsHelper.Bind(typeof (Event), actionValues);

            // this is my fix
            var value = actionValues["!nativeeditor_status"];
            switch (value.Trim().ToLower())
                    case "update":
                        action.Type = DataActionTypes.Update;
                    case "insert":
                        action.Type = DataActionTypes.Insert;
                    case "delete":
                        action.Type = DataActionTypes.Delete;

Mobile calendar send “update” instead “updated”, “delete” instead “deleted” etc.

Now mobile calendar works perfectly with Scheduler.NET.

And you really don’t need more than 20 minutes to fix it :slight_smile:

thank you for reporting the bug, it will be fixed in next update of the Scheduler.Net