Tips when application starts like in goolge docs


We have a professional version of Dhtmlx.
We use it for an academic/open access project used for biological data analysis project.
Some of the features may not be very apparent for user so would like to point to those using some sort of pointers ( tool tips) just like google doc / gmail does.
In gmail when some new features is added. To grab users attension a white tool tip will popup pointing to the feature / tool / layout /section in the application with some basic information and link to details.

How can I implement similar functionality for my application using DHTMLX Layout, Grids with pagination, Tree.

To extend the same idea would want to create a help wizard ( real time) which will guide user through the screen rather than reading/ watching a video and then reproducing it later.

Please help me with your suggestion and guidance.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Please help me with this

I’ve sent you a link to a prototype of the tool that can be interesting.

Thanks a lot… I will follow it up!